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Jeannie Horn Therapy

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves feeling unhappy, discontent, isolated, even when we 'have everything we could need'. This is more common than you think.

And some of those times, we can pull things around and feel better. But for those times when those authentic feelings don't improve, talking with a confidential professional will be helpful.

By talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings, it's possible to explore the life long lessons we learned as a children and see they no longer apply in our adult lives. This is a longer term, weekly therapy, working gently and at your own speed for change to happen.

If you suffer with anxiety then even the thought of talking about it may be uncomfortable for you. I understand, and offer you a shorter term therapy to support you regaining control of your anxiety. By recognising the links between our learned patterns of thinking, feelings and behaviours, and learning a new pattern, you will be able to change the outcomes. 

For a meeting with me, please contact today and book your first appointment. 

Email me by clicking on the link below. Or call/text me on

022 4822 708